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First of all, I would like to thank all of you for the service that you provide for your agency and community. As K-9 officers, your duties sometimes come FIRST, and the sacrifices that you and your families go through are generally not appreciated or understood--it’s just work.
During the course of your duties, you are asked to put yourself on the front line, either tracking dangerous felons, interdiction stops, or building searches.
There is one thing that is certain, we NEVER know what to expect.

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North Carolina
Police Dog Association
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In saying that, I challenge you as a K-9 team to take pride in performing your duties to the best of your abilities. Stay safe and always check 10-42.
Be sure to click on the events tab to see any upcoming training or certification dates. Also please send in your photos so we can post them on our website. Coming in the future we will be giving out awards at each certification in different areas of utilization. Please submit a brief summary and photo if you or one of your fellow officers has performed in an exceptional manner.
Ret. Det. Sgt. Timothy J. Byrd
President NCPDA

  • To ensure that police dog teams are professionally and properly trained in order to protect lives and property of citizens.
  • To provide a professional standard in which all trained police dogs must maintain in the performance of their duties.
  • To ensure that the handlers in the state have adequate knowledge of the laws regarding the use of canines.
  • To prevent malicious use of partially untrained police dogs within law enforcement agencies in the state.
  • To provide re-certification on a timely basis in order to maintain the integrity and credibility of police dog teams

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